Need help in locating a music system


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May 2, 2008
Dear All,

Need suggestion for selecting a small music system for my study (12X12).

To give you an idea the music quality I like - I have a Cambridge Audio Amp (azur 340A), Mordaunt-Short Floor Standing Speakers (900i) and CA CD player (Azur 540C) in my living room. I know its quite a beginners set, but just wanted to indicate that I am not looking for LGs & Phillips of the world. At the same time I would ideally like to spend around 30K on my this study system.

I am look for either a CD player with built-in amp + a pair of bookshelf speakers; or a mini conpact.

Any suggestion is welcomed.
Hi Ashish

I believe the 340A has facility for multi-room speakers. so if you want to save money you can use that and spend the money only on cdp + speakers. The only problem would be volume control remote.

The best budget speakers I can think of are the wharfedale diamond 9.1s or the Mission 33/34i.

I know you don't want a consumer player but I'm thinking maybe a cheap lg/philips dvdp combined with a DAC like the Beresford might just do the trick.

Others on the forum might have better suggestions.

Or you can try the Audioengne A5 active speaker combined with DAC+ cheap dvdp or the Oppo 980H.

Though you have said NO to Philips and LG, a Philips mini system has won the best product award for 2008. Some of the products you can look at are:

Some of these products are less than 20,000, so you could take one and pair it with a set of good speakers such as CA S30 bookshelves. Even then you will be within your budget.


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The keyword I read is study system. So assuming you have a PC/laptop, then upgrade your sound card to the Xonar from Asus or Juli@, get a pair of Audioengine A5 and set it up as you would like. It will come out to be a fine system for only a part of your budget. Use the remaining on the CDs.
Sorry, I meant a system for my study room. It would not be connectd to a PC.

What's the budget? Depending on the budget (depending being the key word), you can assemble a decent PC rig with a good sound card that will give great output in terms of music (this will work out even better in terms of budget if you already have a PC). Lots of guys have done it/doing it on this forum. One unbeatable advantage is having all your music collection available at any time on the PC (ripped in FLAC) and this will also keep the original CDs safe.
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