Need Help to decide - HT speaker combination


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Sep 9, 2009

I'm building a dedicated HT room (using a lot of ideas from this forum, especially, from Santhosh's thread). It is under construction and will take another two more months before i can start moving my equipments there..

Room size is 14.5' X 17.5', which is roughly 250 sq ft.

Here is what I already have:

Wharfe 9.5 (currently using them for stereo )
Wharfe 9.1 (was using them for stereo before upgrading to 9.5).
Yamaha RX-V661
Wharfe Moviestar 65+ >> it is my current HT setup - 5.1 >> these are small cubes..

I'm thinking of the following as my new setup as I already have most of them.

9.5 as front speakers
9.1 - Surround
Wharfe 9.CS - for center and SW 150 subwoofer >> I need to buy these..

Any comments / suggestions on this combination? Should I really look for 9.DFS or SR instead of 9.1 as surround?

Does it look ok for the room size?

Since I already have those cubes, also thinking of using them to have a 7.1 as well as add two "presence" speakers..

Are all these ideas I should try before even thinking of upgrades or is this really wrong way to go? I would really appreciate your comments on this...

I suggest that you go with 9.1 as surrounds for some time, audition them in your setup, then audition DFS and then take a call. 9.1s are better than 9.SR, I don't think you will really need to bother about 9.SR.

You can go for 7.1 or 9.1 setup with your cubes, but there is not much content out there which will go "much" beyond than 5.1 experience. You can use the PLII or such modes and see if it is worth. It's a matter of choice really...
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