Need help with my Yamaha Receiver


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Nov 4, 2008
Mumbai (Bombay), India
Hello people,
I have a Yamaha RX-V-995 5.1 receiver. It's a 1999-2000 vintage and works great. Now I need this unit serviced (it's untouched so far) as the panel buttons (FM/AM, memory, etc) do not function properly (carbon build-up over the years I guess).
I am loath to surrender the unit to the regular 'repair-shop' and would ideally like to have someone do a house-call. Obviously someone capable enough or highly recommended might induce me to hand the unit over :)

Can anyone point me to any such individual? Any help would be highly appreciated. I am located in Mumbai. Sorry about the paranoia, but this is my babeee..
P.S. The remote for the unit is kaput. Have been using a universal remote of late. Help!
much regards,
Hi there,
Please let me know if you were able to find anyone get the unit serviced/repaired.
I'm looking for one at Delhi.

who's the doctor
a nameand an address would always be helpful for future use to other members

Also does the doc atend to other brands as well?
hello people,

sorry for the delay in posting this reply. the name of the doc concerned is mr. naren halankar. a very fine (& very qualified) gent who is a bit choosy about the work he takes on since he usually tends to get the high to very high end jobs.
also he has his own pace of work and makes it very clear that he cannot be hurried! He may be a bit on the expensive side but I feel he is well worth it.
funnily enough, as i found out later, everyone i interact with w.r.t audio equipment seems to know him once i mention his name.
he has his workshop in nana chowk, near gowalia tank, mumbai.
he can be reached on 09321945125 and is available in his workshop between 10.30am to 4pm all days except sunday.
needless to say he has done an excellent job on my receiver and I am hooked.
and magma, he takes on any brand. at most he might request for the detailed circuit diagram (if available) since it would make his job that much easier.
hope this info is useful to you guys.
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