Need opinions on Yamaha rx-v461 and yamaha rx-v459, as well as speakers


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Nov 10, 2007
I would really appreciate advice from experienced folks here about which one out of yamaha rx-v461[1] or yamaha rx-v459[2] would be the right one to buy at this time.

[1] RX-V461 : YAMAHA Audio and Video
[2] RX-V459 : YAMAHA Audio and Video

I am getting both for similar pricing, but one in Delhi(461) and one in bangalore(459). I am from Bangalore. It seems difficult to get 461 in bangalore - Audio Planet doesn't have them and Vector Systems is giving me a ridiculous price(like the prices for the rest of their products). I will be in Delhi next week and would be able to pick it up from there. Who else can I contact regarding Yamaha prices in Bangalore, someone can can give me decent pricing with papers?(although I can consider the no-papers option if I can get a better model for the same price). My budget for AVR is about 15k, so even if I wanted to look at Marantz SR4001 or Denon AVR 1707, they would not come down so much, even without papers.

461 is a 5.1 system but 459 is a 6.1 one(doesn't make too much of a difference to me as long it is >= 5.1). The power of 461 seems to be a bit less than 459.

However, 461 has YPAO[3] and ipod dock possibility(wife would like it ;) ).
The dealer in Delhi says 461 is newer. I cannot get hold of the product launch dates myself.

[3] Amplifier Technology : YAMAHA Audio and Video

The speakers I am planning to get are either Mordaunt Short Avant 904i or the similar speakers from Wharfdale 9.x series (once I get a good audition of them, had a terrible one at vector systems).

The power specs of 461, for some reason is given for 6ohm loads and for 459 in 8ohm loads (Why would yamaha do that?).

Other speakers that I have heard of are Polk and Boston(also nice, but MS sounded better than Boston for my tastes). Some advice on these would also be appreciated - the Polk ones I had in mind were Monitor 40 or RTi 4

An opinion on the speakers would be appreciated too.

My 1-2 years plan is to move progressively from a 2 speakers(max Rs. 15-16k) setup to 2.1 and then 5.1. I plan to get the front two speakers first. My movies/music ratio is currently 80:20, but I feel that after a good setup in the house, I would listen to music as well, so this ration could reach 50:50.

Also how good would normal bookshelves be for rear speakers as compared to dipolars like MS Avant 903i? This is the only reason why I want to get floor standing ones now, rather than bookshelves. If the difference is not too much to be understood by non-audiophiles like me, then I can save some money and maybe get bookshelves for front right now.

When I visited Music Ranch in Jayanagar last week, I saw several Yamaha catalogs. You may want to call them up.
Google for the number.

And if you visit them, do audition the Tannoy floor standers. They are pretty good.

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