need theatre name....


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Aug 28, 2008
in my house..,
brothers next month i'm going to rebuild my ht but i need a classy name for it what i choose is mmmmmmmm MAN'S CAVE ,i welcome any other interesting name
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Ok, since we are on the topic of names for HT, can you all please share your thoughts on the name "CinemaDrome" for my HT?

I want the name to be a combination of C and D as the door handles that I have used are in the shape of C and D:clapping:. See picture

It has been 4 months since my HT has been completed and I don't feel the need for a name. But still want to have one as I have come across many HTs abroad where their owners have named them something. For Eg; The Dark Knight Theater, Sam's Den etc
Bass dasH
(Where Bass lives to tell a story)

- for manu

Chiragon ki Duniya
(world of lights)​

- for santhol2
@ Manu:
1. Bass "T" (Theater)
2. Kingdom of Bass (Manu, You are the KING) :D
3. Bass "Cave"
4. "Caution : For Men Only" (Take it positively :D)
5. Bass World

@ Santhol2:
1. "Cine-Dash"
2. "Cine-Drome" (Just like Aerodrome :D)
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