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Need ur help in deciding 32" LED/LCD TV

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New Member
May 31, 2011
Hi Experts
I need your valuable advise in deciding the TV model for my bedroom (11 X 13 ft)
I guess 32inch TV will be optimum.
And as it will be 32 inch TV, full HD is not all that relevant (this is what I have concluded after going through many threads)

Following are the models that I am considering

1. SONY EX420 (Price 30K)
2. SAMSUNG D4000 (Price 29.5 K)
3. SAMSUNG D5000 (Price 33 K)

All the prices mentioned above are grey market prices. However I have the following doubt :
* I am not sure if I will use advanced features of Internet Videos on Television. Prime purpose of my TV would be watching television (Tatasky HD) and movies (through USB, DVD) Also I need to spend extra for purchasing WiFi adaptor if I go in for the models above. I want to know from you guys - is this a hot feature and widely used?
* Its said that 2011 models of SONY do play all kinds media formats. Is it true?

Secondly there is another LCD model
1. SONY BX320 (Price 21K)

Do you think it makes sense to go in for LCD model (because price difference is huge) and I am not sure about advance features usage. So I will compromise a little on the quality difference between LCD and LED. Budgetwise, I can spend till 34K but I am getting tempted for saving 10K by going in for LCD model.

Now please guide me which model should I go in for. I plan to buy within 2 weeks.



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Aug 24, 2011
If you are only considering led/LCD then get a 32 in LCD ... No use spending extra cash for an led when after a few months you might start feeling 32in isn't enough... Also with a 34k budget you can look into a 40-42in tv.. Some of the options are samsung plasmaB450 or panasonic x30 both 42in and excellent tvs... Also in LCD option you can look at a 40in toshiba avialable for around 31k(not sure if it's an LCD or a LED)... There is another thread about the toshiba 40in you can chk that out... My basic rule in TVs is Go Big or Go Home :p... All the best with ur purchase...

Ps another option would be to look at 40-42in lcd/led options from companies like philps toshiba & panasonic... These have very decent PQ & don't charge you a premium...
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