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Aug 18, 2008
Hi All,

would like to what is the difference between

180g Vinyl / 200g Vinyl / 45 RPM Vinyl & Standard Vinyl

Will any Vinyl record with any kind of TT ?

Vinyl, Phonograph Record LPs, EPs, are various names given to the Gramophone Record or simply Record. The Records come in three sizes measured as diameter - 7 inch (17.5cm), 10 inch (25cm), and 12 inches (30cm). The Records are also differentiated by the speed with which they rotate in a turntable. Again there are three speeds - 33 and 1/3, 45, and 78 revolutions per minute or RPM.

Records are called Vinyl as the basic material used for manufacture is Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC. Early Records were made with PVC material that were 125 grams per square meter. If you take a meter by meter square of this material, it will weigh 125 grams. This was considered by many to be cheap. Because of the thinness, it was thought that the record will wear away quickly. Modern records are manufactured as 'Audiophile' which use slightly thicker PVC weighing either 190 or 220 grams per square meter. These records are slightly thicker and heavier. Otherwise there is no difference.

All these records will play on any turntable. The only issue differentiating between turntables is the speed at which the TT rotates. If a TT can handle the required speed it can play the Record.

A 12 inch Record that rotates at 33 and 1/3 RPM is usually called an LP. A 7 inch Record that rotates at 45 RPM is usually called an EP. 10 inch records are not very common.

thanks Venkatcr for the explanation..

so, it shouldnt matter if i buy a 180/200 or just standard vinyl. Please correct me if i am wrong..

To briefly answer your question: the vinyl will play as intended if your turntable can spin at the prescribed speed. Vinyl weight/ thickness has nothing to do with compatibility.

Most records you're likely to find in a good condition today will be 33 1/3 rpm (LP) or 45 rpm (EP). Hence you should be covered if you get a turntable that plays at these speeds. Most do, with a simple pulley ratio switch.

thanks Venkatcr for the explanation..

so, it shouldnt matter if i buy a 180/200 or just standard vinyl. Please correct me if i am wrong..

Persiflage has answered your question. It is just the speed that matters. Most turntables can spin at 33 and 1/3 and 45 RM.

thanks to persiflage & venkatcr :)

dont need to worry about the weight of LP's...btw... do u know where i can get good metallica LP .. the older ones like Garage/Black etc?
hey Venkat,

thanks for the good and detailed info on the Q posted.

Prashant is a friend of mine with whom I had been to purchase my TT & LPs - Balaji's, however, he didn't have any for the 3.5 hours that we searched his goldmine...

Prashant is an ardent Metallica fan and has been hounding me to get it from someplace...

fellow hifians, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
If you are an "ardent Metallica fan" then I will keep my eyes open and will fetch Metallica LP for you if I find one (I dont listen to the band that much, I am into classic rock)... you can also try finding them online... the only constrain would be the postage..
Here are some of the links:
Jazz, Rock, Funk, Soul, Rap & Hip Hop, and Latin New Vinyl Records, 180 Gram LPs, Vinyl Records at SoundStage Direct
Vinyl Records at Records By Mail | Used, Collectible & Rare Vinyl Records, LPs and 45s
Platterpus Records
The list is endless...
try ebay as well.
redlag: Thanks very much for ur help.. appreciate it :)

Have u ever seen any Metallica LP at Balaji's since you also visit him freq..? i could manage to search a lot but had to stop since dint have enough time left to search remaining bundles... if yes, do let me know and i wud try to giv him a visit 2moro ;)

<edit> i did find a few on but then like you said, it would take a few days for shipping, so thought if i can find it here first wud b better off.. <edit>
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I havent came across any Metallica.. but you never know.. I have sifted all the LPs of Balaji's. And then again, it is not the only place where I hunt LPs ;)
Over the years, I have managed to fetch Iron Maiden, Santana, Dire Straits, Beatles, Deep Purple.. etc from various places in bangalore.. so will fetch one for you if I get lucky..
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