New Born !


New Member
Jul 9, 2008
New Delhi, India
Just born here ... so why don't you cradle me in your arms .... feed me some good music ..... and show me some good new toys to play with :p


:D Some of you might recognize me from my previous life in
HI Sanjay!
Welcome to HiFiVision.
You'll find many interesting topics here & many very knowledgeable Gurus' too.
Have fun.
Looking forward to your active participation.

Sanjay Bring your own cradle (my arms too small) I shall put you in and sing a lullaby ;) !

Will show the site (music site i,e) have to feed yourself as much as you want there :) !!

Will give loads list of most preferred toys that you may prefer ! just go grab all you can to play:p !!

On a serious note, A hearty welcome my friend to this wonderful forum ! Am sure you'll enjoy your stay here ! this a clean and neat forum where most people are friendly and ready to help you anytime (should you require any)

Sanjay I was never a member of that forum ! frankly speaking I hated it for the simple reason that most of the forum was dominated by rude and non helpful people ! This my opinion not necessary that you have to agree !!

Anyway good to have you here ! please do post your current stuff in the Show thread and give a chance to enjoy your set-up (if not literally atleast pictorially )

Welcome Doctor! It is good that like many others from'THAT' forum , you too joined this forum. Have a wonderful stay here. Members here are quite friendly, simple and down to earth, people here discuss simple and common man's issues and likings , no Ivory Tower business here. Hope to see postis from you soon.
Hi Sanjay,

Welcome! We need more creative people like you on this forum :)
It would be great if you could share some more information about what music you listen to, or the equipment you own.

You could go through the old posts to know more about the existing members.

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