New here. Need advice on Onkyo DR501 options


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May 25, 2011
Hello people,

I live in Mumbai and am looking to buy a DVD player, Amp and Speakers to hook up to my TV (LG 42' Plasma). Currently using a 5 year old Altec Lansing GT 5051R (with faux surround) that is beginning to dull.

I watch a lot of DVD movies (sometimes 2-3 a day!), listen to rock/blues and occasionally play along on my guitar (separate amp).

While I would like a dedicated stereo setup for music, current space and cash constraints point towards a DVD player. So a decent Pioneer DVD player with HDMI (DV220K?) is quite an easy choice.

Have been offered a package deal on the Onkyo DR 501 with 2 bookshelves and the sub for Rs. 32,000. I'm okay to sacrifice the rear channels for the wiring mess it saves in my smallish room.

An thinking of substituting the speakers with a pair of Wharfdale 10.1s (Rs 15000) and Diamond SX sub (Rs 19000), though it will work more expensive.

Am I on the right track here, or is there a better combo for about the same price?

Please help me with your suggestions. My budget is around 35 k or so.
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