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New House


New Member
Oct 23, 2011
Hi All,

We are constructing a new house, just wanted your opinions on avoiding a cable clutter free house. Its a duplex house. I would be having a hall measuring 21*30 feet off which 21*17 feet will used to house TV, HT Setup, furniture etc. and I will be having a small room of 10*10 for housing Gaming PC on the first floor.

Location of the house : Bengaluru ( Yeah right its Bengaluru now)

Devices owned: A Gaming PC with Logitech Z906, Will be shortly building a HTPC and Home theatre in the hall (meanwhile I will be using the Z906 in the living room).

Current Progress: Plastering has been on all internal walls. Next thing will be get the electrical wiring done.

I have following queries
1. What would be the best cable to purchase and quantity to purchase( I guess 30M shoudl suffice). From what I have heard people have advised me on oxygen free cable. What gauge should I buy? Will 16AWG be sufficient to power up the Z906? I am welcome to online purchases or local stores in Bengaluru. This is what I have found
DAC SPK16 AWG OFC Dual Speaker Cable
2. What is the height at which I should place my surrounds?
3. Should I get the wiring done under tiles or on internal walls(Personally I prefer under the tiles because plastering for internal walls have been completed and the electrician was reluctant doing on the walls)
4. The Gaming PC will be placed on the first floor, I want the HTPC to be connected over LAN to access all movie/music. Should I make provision for LAN Cable or connect to the desktop wirelessly by media streaming?

PS: Will be more than welcome to the Plan of the house if anyone needs.