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Mar 31, 2008
Pioneer Avr Vsx-1017txv-k

Hello everybody,
I am rajneesh, a new member in this forum. I am based in kolkata.
I have been following this forum for quite some time & find this forum very
informative.This is my first posting.

Few days back I received an AV receiver as gift from my aunt who lives in New York ( USA). It is PIONEER model VSX-1017TXV-K.

Pioneer USA - Pioneer A/V Receivers

Now I am searching for compatible gears for which i need help from all
the music loving peoples of this forum.

thanks to everybody.
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Welcome to the forum Rajneesh ! enjoy your stay here.

Congrats on the Receiver, Could you please be bit more specific about your needs,like whats your idea for now,Are you going to buy a home theater speaker (I know its the default option as its Receiver) or just the two channel right now and later upgrade ?? also whats your taste like ?? whats the main purpose of this set-up (meaning MUSIC or MOVIE) Your budget etc etc,

Then It'll be easier for us to suggest !!

Welcome to the forum Rajneesh.

There is a lot you can read. If that doesn't answer your questions you can ask a new question in an appropriate section.

Since you are in Kolkata, go listen to Sonodyne. You may also try the second hand route. At times there are good options here that you can take advantage of. Else, we will help you pick gear that meets your expectation.

I have zeroed on Moradaunt short avant 900i HT speaker set (5.1)
also under consideration is marantz cdp 5001 for audio purpose &
DVD player from pioneer stable. (model not decided). For dispaly
my choice is panasonic viera model Th42pz85 ( not yet available
in india but already launched in US & UK, India launch sometime
in june/july)

Thanks again.

Hi Particleman,
Can you explain in detail what you mean by " BRIGHT" amp & speaker. As you can see i am not an expert in audio.

thanks again.

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