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anjali ks

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Apr 9, 2008
Hi Everyone,

I am a student and like audio/video stuff..but newbie in this.
So I thought of joining in this forum to learn more.

Anjali ks

I am sure you will learn a lot. The members here are very kind and believe in spreading knowledge.
hi Anjali & Welcome.
What is your interest in music & Audio systems?
What do you possess at this point in time?
Hi! Anjali,
Welcome to forum. Do feel free to contact Absolute Phase for any knowledge or info that will help you learn this wonderful hobby. When I started way back I had to learn from Books and other sources as no one was willing to give out knowledge (fearing that we might take over) seems to be the same today too. Sadly,.

Made my mind up that time that I will do my best to educate anyone interested in this field, for my personal satisfaction. Have always believed the more knowledge you give and share the more god gives back ten fold.

May our tribe increase.


Hi all,

Indeed these were really warm welcome messages!
I appreciate the helping and supporting hands in this forum, especially for a newbie like me without much exposure to high end audio.

Infact I started reading about A/V recently after attending an A/V show in bangalore. I saw HUGE floorstanding speakers ( probably taller than me..:) ) and hooked to heavy amps. The drivers in these looked beautiful..damn!
I'm sure I am gonna learn a lot from you experts..

Anjali ks.
Hai Anjali,
I too am a new member.There are few women who show interest in Audio/Video. It is heartening to know you are the one among the handfuls. Welcome. Do u own any latest audio/video systems. I am a home constructor of audio and video systems purely for pleasure.

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