New Onkyo AV receivers

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Dec 24, 2008

Onkyo has updated 606, 575, 506 and 306 with new feature rich 607, 577, 507 and 307 line up for 2009.

All the features are awesome with HDMi 1.3a, True HD, Prologic IIz etc.

Onkyo targets value-conscious consumers with a Spring 2009 A/V Receiver line-up offering new technologies, features, and performance not previously available at these prices.

OSAKAAs the first installment of its 2009 product line-up, Onkyo has introduced four new home theater receivers. The line-up includes the worlds first receivers to offer Dolbys new Pro Logic IIz processing, which can produce sound effects above the listeners head. The models also include an array of advanced HD audio and video technologiesfrom Onkyo, Dolby, DTS, Audyssey, Faroudja, and othersthat were previously only available at higher price points. The TX-SR607 features six HDMI inputs, and is the first A/V receiver with a front-panel HDMI input.

With the debut of the new TX-SR607 receiver, Onkyo also has the distinction of becoming the worlds first manufacturer to launch a 7.2-channel home cinema receiver featuring the all-new Dolby Pro Logic IIz mode. Designed to take home cinema sound to new heights (literally), Dolby Pro Logic IIz introduces a vertical aspect to the sound field through the addition of left- and right-channel front height speakers mounted above the main speakers. Based on the initial positive reactions to demonstrations of this technology to dealers, Onkyo anticipates good demand for expanded height channel capabilities in future models.

Dolby Pro Logic IIz adds a new realm of audience involvement in three dimensions, triggering such reactions as a ducking reflex during sudden aircraft flyovers. Onkyo has launched this technology on what are likely to be its most popular A/V receivers, rather than its most expensive, in order to reach out to a much larger customer base. The companys premium receiver line-up, which will roll out over the summer, will include expanded height-channel capabilities, internet radio, and network audio technologies at lower price points.

These new models are well equipped for Blu-ray and other HD audio and video source components, with HDMI repeaters plus Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio processing in the TX-SR607, TX-SR577, and TX-SR507. The entry-level TX-SR307 has HDMI pass-through switching on three inputs, while all four models support 1080p, Deep Color, and x.v.Color.

All of the receivers use the following Audyssey technologies: Audyssey 2EQ, an automatic calibration system which corrects each channels output in both frequency and time domains, based on measurements at three unique listening positions; Audyssey Dynamic Volume technology, which optimizes the dynamic range of audio material at any listening level; and Audyssey Dynamic EQ, which corrects problems associated with reduced sound quality at low listening levels.

Onkyo has also developed four new exclusive gaming modes designed to enhance the listeners experience when using video game systems. Players can select from Rock, Sports, Action, or Role Playing Game modes to match the gaming content. These new modes will immerse all the players in the action like never before.

The Onkyo TX-SR607, TX-SR577, and TX-SR507 are the first to use the companys new proprietary rear-panel Universal Port. This port simplifies the connection of Onkyos forthcoming HD Radio Tuner, DAB+ Radio Tuner, and Dock for the iPod, which will be available in late spring. The 5.1-channel TX-SR307 and TX-SR507 have 120- and 160-watts per channel amplifiers, respectively, while the 7.1-channel TX-SR577 has 160-watts per channel amplifiers. The 7.2-channel TX-SR607 is rated at 175 watts per channel, has dual subwoofer line-outputs, and upconverts all analog sources to HDMI via Faroujda DCDi technology.

The Onkyo TX-SR307, TX-SR507, TX-SR577, and TX-SR607 will be available in April.

Onkyowhich takes its name from the Japanese on meaning sound and kyo meaning harmonyhas been producing precision audio components for over a half-century.

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This height channel business sounds very interesting.....has anyone here tried out anything similar? i am very curious to check this out in operation.
the only thing i would miss in the 606 vs the new 607 are the presence of two LFE outs........cant add a couple of subs to my current setup
Just for an information:

The Onkyo TX-SR307 5.1-Channel A/V Surround Home Theater Receiver (Silver) - only this colour available in Onkyo showroom, Bangalore costs Rs 25000.

Onkyo TX-SR307 5.1-Channel A/V Surround Home Theater Receiver (Black) can get it for apprx Rs 19,000 including shipping from!

The retailing US price starts from $245 and upto $300.
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