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Jul 12, 2009
Palmerston north New Zealand
Hi there

I am a new bee to all this home theater stuff and i am wondering if some one out there could give me a few pointers...

We have a Yamaha RX-v663 receiver and we have done the speaker test done in the utter most silence we could on our screen of our amp it only has the 2 L and R showing for the speakers instead of there being the L, R and SR SL have we done something wrong in our settings

we have the Wharfedale speaker package that had the 2 floor standing sub and the 2 rears

Please Help us after spending all this money we cant get the kick that we got in the shop before we brought it
Your AVR may be in Stereo/Direct mode, switch it to DD or DTS mode. If this doesn't help...

The best thing you could do is read the manual of your AVR and your speaker package end-to-end, more than once. Trust me, it really helps and will help you optimize your setup.

a) Have you enabled all the 5.1 speakers on your AVR (setup)?
b) There will be a "test" button on your AVR remote, see if all the 5.1 speaker/SWF are connected properly using this.
c) Are you using a DVD with 5.1 (DD/DTS) sound track? Have you selected this 5.1 track in the menu of your DVD (on your DVDP)?
d) Which mode is your AVR in? Pure Direct/Stereo or DD/DTS?
Thanks :yahoo:

my receiver is in 7 ch enhancer i think it is in stereo and not sure how to change it to dd/dts

sorry but i dont understand what you mean by dd/ or dts mode

yes 5.1 channel is selected on our DVD player

as i mentioned i am a new be to all this so all the aberrations i don't quiet understand

also can you give me some pointers as to how to enable my speakers i did the optimizer mic thing to get them setup going through with the book as it was getting setup

we have a Panasonic hd DVD player one of the latest players on the Nz market besides the blue ray players :)
It is possible that your receiver is set on speaker B.

Check for a button that says Speaker A/B.
your choices in selection would be

Speaker A
Speaker B
Speaker A and B

Choose speaker A and try, as speaker B is the only possiblity where the test tone shows up only for stereo.. on speaker A selection, all five channels should show up.

Best wishes,
:clapping: thanks for the help i will give it a try in the morning it is late here and every1 has gone to bed i will put a post up on how i get on and Thanks to you both for your help it has been great i am glad i signed up for this as i was going around in circles trying to work out if i had my speakers plugged in wrong or something
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:indifferent14: NO change i have had a look and now my system sound really what the word tinny .. what have i done wrong i have read my manual back to front and front to back

also in a previous post some one mentioned about speakers >>> how do i change me speakers... on the 5.1 i looked at in a shop it had a button that said speakers a speaker b (button)

Hmmm... let us take it step by step...

a) Please post all the equipment you have, AVR, DVDP/PC/BDP, speakers etc.
b) Also, the kind of cables (RCA/Coaxial/Speaker-wire/HDMI) that you have used to connect the components
c) Which outlet/inlet on the components that you have connected using these cables?

I am sure this might be frustrating to you, contacting the sales guy at the shop where you bought the AVR might help you to debug this quickly. If that doesn't help/happen for any reason, we are still available to help...
:sad: thanks yes i have been in and out of the shop a few times since i brought this system and :eek: Yes i am quiet frustrated to the point i feel like i have fried my brains LOL

ok from the top

i have a
?Yamaha 7.1 rx-v663 receiver
? Yamaha 5 disk changer ? cdc-697
? Panasonic hd DVD writer
have got the Wharfedale speaker packaging .2 floor standing 1 center 1 sub 2 bookshelf

have got the monster standard double ended rca cable from amp to cd player
had the same plugs from amp to dvd player spoke to dealer and and he said i need a fiber optic cable cable which i plugged in to the back of the amp in the slot that is for the fiber optic to the port on the dvd-r player

the speaker wire is ..... monster standard s16 standard sixteen gauge (1.3mmg)speaker wire (took this of a spare speaker wire that i had left as i am new to all this and well i have no idea what you meant in your last post )

hopefully that is enough information for you
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