Novice Onboard!


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Jan 8, 2009
Navi Mumbai
Salutations to the Sound gurus and affecionados.

My first tryst with quality sound goes way back in 1998, when I got my PC assembled and wanted a good audio setup which will not break my dads bank. Ended up setting up a Soundblaster Live card and a Cambridge Soundworks 2.1. As time went past, I moved around quite a bit due to education and work and now I live in Gurgaon.

My last audio project was setting up the soundstage on my Palio 1.6 with an Alpine 9884E Head, Vibe SAK-50 51/4" components and Infinity Reference 51/4" coax and a Blaupunkt THA 280 Amp powering the front components. My car has become complete now and I love every moment with her.

As the fable goes, my wife and I bought a white elephant ( read apartment) in Gurgaon and now are looking at revamping our existing AV setup. As of now we have a Samsung 29" with a Sony DAK home theatre setup. Since both we and our new house have outgrown this base setup, we are in the process of getting some quality sight and sound with a Plasma 42" and getting a good receiver and home theatre setup. I do not intend to go for an out of the box solution and looking at building our set up component by component. We have looked at Bose and done away with the thought and are now weighing a Denon/Yamaha receiver plus a Polk/Jamo setup. Iam still taking baby steps in the arena of serious sound and would appreciate all the help I can get. I intend to learn from all the content that is already prevelant in the forum and refrain from asking the same ol same ol questions which newbies ask. I shall tap into the vast expertise as and when I hit a stumbling block or reach a stage where I cant cross the chasm alone.

Looking forward to benefit immensely from the forum and add my two cents wherever I can.


Welcome Ram. As you said there are a number of postings and threads available that discuss AV Set up in detail. Whenever needed, you can always ask questions.

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