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Dec 4, 2008
Chennai, India
I know its off topic, but thought it will be usefull for most members in chennai so positing it. Being a Car owner my quest for quality service has been on for many years but alas never found a quality garage. If you are a palio or a honda owner stuck to Sundaram you will know this even better.

Thats when I found out about Ignite Car Garage in ECR near VGP and the best part is came to know its run by Flanker of our own forum (pls understand I am not related to flanker nor am I marketing, just wanted to share my exp).

In simple words, I was GRINNING, one of the service I ever had in my time till now. Here is my constructive review which can help car owners looking for a good service center:

I was a happy Electra Hyundai customer until the last two service which left lot to be desired. The garage which had the personal touch has lost it now and it has also become one of the many garages. Let me not get into what went wrong there, so I was looking for a good garage and then I found Ignite.

After few calls and misses, Raghav sent driver to pick the call (then realized he himself came and picked the vehicle). Whenever, I give my car for service to a garage for the first time, I do a blind test. For example, I had a list of 6 compliants. I listed 4 to Ignite and 2 I did not. This is what I call a blind test to check if they are capable to analyze themself or if they are also "you tell I do" type garage.

Problems I listed were:
1. A/C ineffectuive (rather non existant)
2. Very low mileage (8-9 KMPL)
3. Regular service and oil change
4. Power Steering feedback not great

Problems not listed:
1. Rigid drive feel
2. Headlight fused (only low beam)

To my extreme delight, Ignite not only addressed the problems I listed they also rectified the unlisted problem. Later, I understood Raghav had reset the shocks as they were set too tight and not as per the specs. They had also replaced the headlight without asking. Also, the rear view mirror was replaced which was another one I didnt specify.

Here is my rating sheet:
1. Quality of the service : 4.5/5
2. Attention to Detail : 4.5/5
3. Transperancy in detailing: 5/5
4. Effeciency of staff: 4.5/5

Some areas of improvement:
1. Car wash was adequate but could improvise on polishing aspect and vacuuming
2. Pick and Drop service. I think this would be an important factor as the garage is located far away from regular limits. With people spread across the city, I think Raghav should look into this aspect seriously
3. Since its me may be Raghav didnt go in detail, but explaining a customer what all was done in detail along with a visual view (when possible) will put the customer to delight
4. Hope he has a system in place for sending reminders etc

What I love:
1. The dedication and passion of Raghav and the courteous staff
2. Their nice package deal that they offer for service
3. Trust!
4. Clean working space

Will I take my car to Ignite? 150% YES
Will I suggest to my friends? Suggest and will also try to convince, as finiding a quality service center offlate has been hard

p.s: Also, enjoyed the nice marrantz setup and the wifi

p.s2: I hope Ignite maintains its standard forever (which is the most difficult task) once they become popular

Website: - Registered and parked at GoodLuck Domains (not sure if its workign yet")

If you want to reach Raghav and try his garage call him at 98419 55158
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