ok it it Sony 46" V Series for me!


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Dec 31, 2009
Chennai, India
Hi everyone, After a prolonged search and research i finally decided to go with Sony 46" KLV-46V550A. Here is how i arrived at the decision.

I was looking for a TV in the 40" - 47" range. I started with both Plasma and LCD's. For Plasma the only model that i thought was very good and reasonably priced was FHD 42" Panny G10. Even though Plasma's are still better then most LCD beyond 50" i looked at only the 42" since the 50" Plasma were well beyond my budget. I am a filmmaker so i do pay close attention to the PQ. More then watching Tata Sky i want the PQ to be good for playing DVD's and Blue-Ray (I have Samsung PD-1600 Blue Ray). I dropped G10 for all the usual reasons like 42" not big enough to take advantage of plasma, higher watts, possible burn in after prolonged use and most importantly they are not really environmentally friendly.

For LCD i narrowed my search to Sony, Samsung, Pana and later LG. In LG i looked at only LH90. Since this model has been phased out, after looking for sometime i managed to find only a display model at Croma, Chennai. I did like the PQ but somehow was reluctant to buy a display model. (i did get a good pirce for this 67K). I briefly looked at 42" Panny LCD but most of the sites dont rate Panny as a good LCD primarily for bad after sale service so dropped it.

I finally narrowed my search to only Samsung and Sony. When comparing these two brands it important to compare the correct range. Based on my viewing experience i compared the Samsung 5 Series to Sony V series and Samsung 6 Series to Sony Z series. For the holiday season Sony for some reason has decided to reduce prices of two of their models more then 20%. The 46" Sony V series (74K) originally priced at 93K and 40" Z series (80K) originally priced at over 1L. In my opinion Sony Z series is the best LCD out there and a 40" for 80K is not a bad deal at all. It has pretty much every possible feature and connectivity option including USB and ethernet port.

Compared to Samsung 5 series the Sony V series turned out to be much better PQ. Since i was looking for a large TV the 46" turned out to be the one for me. Samsung 46" 5 series is actually priced higher then the Sony. Some of the short comings of V like 50hz and not 100 or 120 hr or 240 hr like Z is something that i am willing to live with. As far as USB port, since i am using a Samsung BR player which has a USB port and can play Divix movies. The Player also has an ethernet port.

so end of the day Sony is a great TV considering all the above factors.

I would highly recommend this model. In the next few weeks i will play with optimal picture settings and will share the same.

Oh and Happy New Year!!!


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