Old vs New ... I am confused...


New Member
Jul 24, 2008
I am not an audiophile. I am new at this and still wasting my money trying to find the setup which sounds right for me and I am confused.
I have these in my (extremely eclectic) setup ...
1) Yamaha M80 and C80 (amp/preamp) ... 1980s vintage
2) Onkyo 705 ... 2008 vintage
3) Harman Kardon HK3490 ... 2009 vintage

The M80 makes the Onkyo sound emaciated. Even after I biamp the Onkyo!
However the HK3490 beats the M80 in terms of power and clarity. Now the M80 runs 225W at 8ohms, while the HK3490 runs 125W at 8ohms. Yet on the same gain off the preout from the Onkyo the HK3490 sounds louder and clearer than the M80! I am scratching my head but can't figure it out.

How does the HK3490 turn out louder and better than the M80... Hell the HK is lighter than the M80. Could it be the age of the M80? Or the circuit design?

Should I stop trying to pick up old but highly recommended systems, systems which offer more than I can afford to buy new? Instead should I concentrate on using my money to pick up newer systems?

Like I currently have the option of getting myself a Threshold S/300 ... apparently one of Nelson Pass' own designed and made STASIS amps that is completely Class A and from mid 80s ... getting this will set me back by approx 50-60K. I have not heard it, but I have heard a Nakamichi PA5 STASIS , and that system rocked!

Or should I save up my money and spend it on picking up a Cyrus 8XPd Or a similar Naim or Plinius or Bryston amp?

I am still searching for the answer, though I know one thing ... no matter how much I love the M80 its time for me to let it go...
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