Onkyo TX-SR505 With ELAC 7.1 Speakers


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Oct 28, 2008
E-Zone is offering TX-SR505 7.1 Channel A/V Surround Home Theatre Receiver and ELAC 7.1 Speaker System for 65K. Is this is a good deal? A friend wants to pick it up, but not much experience with ELAC speakers. Has anyone seen this offer and any views on it?
Hi Moserw,

I had a demo of Jamo 406, Jamo 606 and ELAC on e-zone during that republic day offer.

Based on the audition i would say that ELAC was the best and it was sounding good to the ears. We played a DTS audio track and it sounded wonderful. the sub was good and i liked that way it underplayed(may be the settings). Take an audition, it is worth. it was paired with Onkyo AVR(couldn't remember the model).

Those ELAC front speakers are book shelf(around 13 K), center channel and 200W RMS subwoofer(25 K offered at 50% discount ~ 14.5K) and not the satellite sub combo

I heard Jamo & Elac towers with 505,but to be frank I got both Bright & heavy on ears.
Tannoy F1(78k),Qacoustic 1010i(48K) are good for Onkyo.
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I have the following combination and it sounds great - music or movies.

AVR: Onkyo TX SR575
Sub: Jamo Sub 300
Surround/fronts: Elac Cinema 1 Sats

I paid Rs.60,000 for this. Bought this in November '08.

Added a Elac CENTER 1 CM ..got it for $75.

I have installed it my living room (16 X 18ft) ...and am absolutely pleased with what I hear...:D

Thanks for the inputs guys. Will be checking out Croma for something similar or else will finalize on the above might be with some variation.
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