Opening up a speaker


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Feb 10, 2008
Probably a silly question but is there any harm in opening up a speaker from the terminals at the rear to look inside?

Just wondering about how the terminals are connected once you connect the wire cables?

I wont be touching the box.

Yes silly question I know..........
Dont open the speakers from any side , if the fitting is not done properly the air leaks from those openings and the sound is spoiled and also If there is a problem ,the company people will not accept the materials , since its opened already by an unauthorised person.
Was actually for the Wharfedale XR1000
I actually opened one of them from the rear unscrewing the cable mounts and slightly pulling out mount.

I then had a quick look and then proceeded to screw everything back up.

Hope this was O'K to do?
Hi marclau,
Ha ha am sure u know opening up the speaker yourself is not the smartest thing to do but since the deed is done and all seems ok u are forgiven. Actually its not so complex really but best avoided for warranty issues.
Was a case of curiousity and nothing more........after 40 years I thought I would have a look........

Now it's time for my television...........joking of course....!!
Hi again,
Dear marclau i must remember not to buy anything u put up for sale!!!!!!!!!!Ha ha u know all said and done i quite understand this curiosity. I suffer from it too i just try and keep it under control.
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