Oppo Digital DV-983H Vs Oppo Digital BDP-83


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Mar 5, 2009
After joining this forum I am having a feeling that oppo is a must have to get descent picture from the dvds. Since I have over 200 original DVDs so having a good DVD player is a must for me. At this point I was looking at this Oppo Digital 983 H it seems it is very very good. I have checked the HKflix and the price taking all the stuff is coming out to be 29000 roughly. But they are saying Oppo Digital BDP-83 will be arriving soon and the price only $100 more so I assume taking customs and all it will be Rs 7000 more. Now my question is
1) Is it worthwhile to wait for the release of this blu ray player or bettr to grab a 983 now as oppo has stopped producing this.
2) Is it the case that the DVD playing capacity of this blu rayer will be at per with the 983.
3)Does anybody know if this hkflix oppo players carry any warranty and what is the operating voltage of these products.
Thanks in advance.
1) Is it worthwhile to wait for the release of this blu ray player or bettr to grab a 983 now as oppo has stopped producing this.

The advantage the BDP 83 provides in the capacity to play BR discs and decode whatever codecs are there in BR Discs. Other than that it is the 983. That is the reason Oppo has stopped production of 983 as both products will compete with each other.

Now is it worthwhile to spend 35,000 for a player when the discs themselves cost 2000 each? That depends a lot on the size of your purse.

I will go a different route. I will get a budget DVD player such as the Pioneer 610 that upscales to 1080p and plays damn well. I will then wait till the end of this year or early next year when prices of BR players will touch between 10 to 15K. At that time it makes sense to buy a BR Player.

I am not sure what TV you have, but unless you have a FulHD TV of 42 inches or higher, a Pioneer will deliver results as good as the Oppo for 720P. Yes the Oppo are better, but unless you are looking with a trained eye, and are looking particularly, you will hardly notice the difference. I have a 983 and a 610 both of which are connected to a 720P Akai 32 incher. I use the Pioneer more, and have relegated the Oppo to playing music. In that area the Oppo beats all DVD players in its price class and maybe more. I will be buying a 50 incher or a Projector, and will start using the Oppo then.

If you have FullHD TV that is 42 inches or higher in size, go for the Oppo.

2) Is it the case that the DVD playing capacity of this blu rayer will be at per with the 983.

The BDP 83 has the same circuitry as the 983 as far as DVD Playing goes. So it will be as good. It also uses the same chips and circuitry for upscaling.

3)Does anybody know if this hkflix oppo players carry any warranty and what is the operating voltage of these products.

Oppo players do carry a warranty. But as most international products, your warranty will be valid only in the country of purchase. So if you buy from HKFLIX, it should be valid only in HK. In any case, since Oppo does not have any service center here in India, you may have to ship the unit to HK or the US for service.

All Oppo players support 110 to 220 volts. So that is not an issue.

Hello Venkat,
thanks for your thoughtful reply. I am planning to connect oppo to my Sanyo plv-z5 projector which is a 720P lcd projector and the maximum resolution it supports is 1080i. My screen size is roughly 100". Currently I am using sony dvd player DVP-NS78H which does upscaling but doeasn't have any Faroudja or Anchor bay stuff. My onkyo receiver has Faroudja but I guess it is not coming into picture since my sony player is sending 1080i signal which just gets passed through. Given this arrangement I was thinking that oppo 983 will perform much better with its anchor bay upscaling. I also have a 40" Samsung HD ready tv in my bedroom which I got in 2006.It is pretty old with 5000:1 contrast ratio. I sometimes use this television to watch films also. So Given this visual setup is it worthwhile to go for OPPO?
Thanks again for ur valuable comments.
Well Anchor Bay is undoubtedly one of the best scalers in the market today. With a projector going to 100 inches it does make sense to scale as much as possible.

What is wrong with your current set up? Are the pictures bad? In any case since you projector can accept a max of 1080i, it does not make sense to blow money on 983. You already have all the ammunition you need for 720P. Just limit your watching to 720P and do not scale to 1080i.

I would suggest you make experiments before investing. Borrow a DVDP that can scale to 1080P and see if it makes a difference for the same DVD. If you can discern a difference, yes, you should buy an Oppo. But make sure yourself before investing the money.

If you have good relationships with a dealer ask him to come home with a DVDP, and he can take it back after you use it for a few hours. Or if you a friend, you can borrow one for a few hours.

Hello Venkat,
thanks for well constructed advice. I guess there is no point hurrying when making such purchase where everything I want is marked improvement from the present hardware. As per your previous advice I have ordered Avia which I hopefully get by end of this month. Then let me use it to calibrate my projector and TV and then hopefully they might have some test which will decide if the current picture is reasonable or not. It is better to wait for 6 months and get a blu ray player. Hopefully by then price of blank blu ray discs will come down which will force the movie disc manufactures to reduce the price.
As it has been said many times on this forum, if you want good quality movie repro due to upscaling with good audio, then the Oppo 981 is the player. If audio reproduction is your preference with still very decent video repro then the Oppo 981 is the best.

I was guessing when the 983 came about that it would not be a success due to the already strong models in the 980/3 as well as its pricing. My suspicions have come out true.

I have similar suspicions on the BluRay player as its price point is too high compared to other excellent ones from Pioneer, Pana, Samsung and Sony. I would not expect people to drop their other universal players and go out and grab the Oppo BR.

There is more work for their marketing and sales teams to come out with the right positioning and pricing and drive the sales.

The benefits fo DVD-A and SACD will be diminished with the new HD formats and this is further not a good piece of news for Oppo.

Hopefully they will turn around quickly to ensure the their BR player kicks off big time as otherwise they dont have any other product down the pipleline.
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