Philips 29PT6807-94 CRT


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Oct 26, 2008
Hi All

Need your inputs on this model which I am planning to buy.

How much does it cost? Does not make sense spending a lot on a CRT in these days of Plasma/LCD. I picked up a Panasonic CRT 29" for 9K U/E, but found the rest of the CRTs in the 29" are 15K onwards and with limited connectivity options (not future ready at all). Philips as a company is great so issues in that area.

However, do check out the Panasonic Tau FX 29FX20CDS3 (the model I picked up), its delivers great PQ, SQ is decent, but PQ certainly is excellent for my DVDs and Divx rips. Also, it retails for around 11K without any offers and going for about 14-15K bundled with offers like a microwave or a HTIB at Reliance/E-Zone in Hyderabad.
I own a Philips 29" CRT TV (29PT9420) with Pixelplus technology bought about 4 years back after living for nearly 10 years with a Sony Trinitron, the best at that time. It is one of the best TVs I have owned and the Pixelplus gives wonderful pictures, a technology which outsmarted Sony and others when it was introduced a few years back. It is just a conventional TV with composite, S-video and component video connectivities, and with a good quality component video cable, I feel this is more than enough to watch occasional movies from DVDs as well as cable-TV, as long as you are not obsessed with counting the number of dots, pixels etc. It also handles progressive scan. Overall I have so far not felt inclined to sell this and go for the latest LCDs and Plasmas.
Just sharing my experience.

> murali
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