Philips after sales review


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Apr 10, 2008
Today I will share my experience with Philips service.

I got my Philips LCDtv PHF5609 abt 1 month back.When I watched closely(that time, but didnt disclose before)I found one spot around 0.5 X 1 Cm(W X H) along the Rt border in centre,It was partial dead pixel which use to change with dark colour,but not with light colours.It was not bothering watching.
I called service centre within 10days of purchase & register complaint.
Next day Philips person came & confirmed that its manufacturing defect.He took photos from mobile & said need to talk with seniors.He assured that I can either get panal replaced OR new TV.

I got call after 5 days & he visited again ,opened new LCD set & copied panalNo.There were only 2 brds inside-
2.Video brd (both arouns 12 inX 12in)

He said if panal changing is possible,they will send van which will carry the set,change the panal & bring back within 2 days.They will take my TV to service centre only after new panal is available. I need to wait for 15days.

Within that period I did review the LCD which was otherwise fine-

After 21 days no call,so I phoned to know the status & to my surprise new set was arrieved for me & will be delivered after 2 days.
They came with new LCD set(monday 7/12/09) & when I checked the box ,It was HDready model(5409?) & not mine.I had confirmed with centre that its same.They called centre & found that just bcos of similar packing & my set left @ centre.

At last ,Today (10/12/09) I got my tv replaced to Brand new piece.
I checked the viewing hours which was showing 000016 which was not 16hrs as I checked again after 20 min which showed 000018.That time must be factory testing hrs.

So it took around 1month but I got better service with practically 2 calls only.
current philips after sales can be with-

Pros: Fast response, possible action, compliting the task
Cons: Did not call even after set came to service centre & took 1wk after
that to deliver, Brought wrong set initially:eek:hyeah:
At least we can now trust this.Many were worried abt after sales service,at least in Mumbai we are now assured.
Again the issue is such a spot developed in the first place . And again apparant apathy of service. Unless you called they were not responding . Also the first delivery shows their attitude. they may be seeing if you are taking delivary of inferior model and will be happy!
After 21 days no call,so I phoned to know the status

Too much patience! My HP lap had an issue and they were not able to locate the board - I banged the service ,mailed from service to CEO and made a ruckus.
Reard - I got temp lap to use and post 5 weeks got upgraded board ( from Single Core processo to Dual Core) and meanwhile service centre created issues in hard drive ( it was special 1.8" 40 GB drive) so it was replaced with 80 GB one!!!

THAT IS WHY I SAY HP ROCKS IN SERVICE! And in this duration I was called by service managers and was kept posted ( Like -Sir your part in docks,your part custom clared,now arrived in vashi,now we are testing it ETC!!!:eek:hyeah::eek:hyeah:)

We need to have better service expectation and must screw happiness of service centres!
I have sent one of my Samson EQ to Pro Musicals of Chennai for service from Kolkata. After receiving the EQ when I called them to ask what the problem was and how long will it take,they answered " WE DONT KNOW" :rolleyes::sad::eek:

It was really frustrating , they are still servicing my EQ........:D

Service is one of the most horrible experience one can have in our Country.....