Picking a flat screen - Which one?


New Member
Apr 10, 2009

I just plan to equip myself with a video room and an audio room.

Hence I intend to pick up a flat screen. I am sure most of you have possibly seen these questions pop up over and over again, so please feel free to point me to an older thread if my question seems redundant.

1) LCD or Plasma- This has been a classic debate. I am environmental friendly, but also cost conscious. I dont watch TV channels as much as I watch movies. I have a lot of movies and a lot of 720p ones which right now I plan to drive out of my WD TV.
2) Also which brands and models should I look at - Plasma -Panasonic/Samsung??
LCD- Sony/Samsung??

Also for a room which is squarish , decently lit in the day and is about 15 feet by 15 feet what size is recommended?

Anyone who has recently researched enough and bought something, would be great to see if you have notes. I will I promise put up a blog or notes once I go over this ordeal and decide on one.
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