Picture Noise in my new LCD TV


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Jan 27, 2008
I bought Samsung 32A450 last weekend. I played DVD and it looks great. No issues. However, when connecting the Hathway cable line, I see the pictures clear - but there are dense colored lines (or shades) which keep scrolling down the screen. It does not obstruct my view, but is a disturbance. I did not see such lines in the showroom. Is it because of
a) Disturbance or noise in the cable transmission, or
b) a mismatch in aspect ratio, or
c) something wrong with the TV

Please help. My folks are miffed with the disturbance and asked me to figure it out asap :(.

This is simply a noise crated by something. This does not have anything to do with aspect ratio. There is, of course, nothing wrong with your TV as it works well with the DVD. This noise could be because of multiple reasons.

1. It could be a simple noise in the electrical line going to the TV and this could be pronounced when you are playing a TV program. Try changing the power socket you use for the TV, or see if you can install a simple RFI/EMI filter. Extension cords with RFI/EMI filters are available in the market.

2. Have you connected a Wireless Internet near your TV? That could also be creating a problem.

3. Check if there is any other electrical appliance nearby that could be creating the hassle. I had a ceiling fan that was making a noise. I found this by chance when I saw the noise appearing when I switched on the fan. I got the capacitor changed and the fan serviced, and the noise disappeared. Is there an old tube light in the room? With the TV on and connected to Hathway, try switching these appliances on and off and see if there is any change.

4. Get Hathway to change the connection end point of your cable. They will also check the signal strength upto your end point. Many times, simply cleaning the connector or fitting a new one may clear the hassle.

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