Pioneer A-405 Stereo Amplifier (Not A-405R)


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Aug 27, 2019
Cochin, Kerala
Anyone here having experience with this particular model?

From free online resources, as regards power rating, I can only see a sticker on the face plate which reads:

"105W + 105W (DIN)
Wide Range Linear Circuit"

And an observation from an old classifieds ad on that this model is very different and much more powerful that A-405R. This is the link:

I am wondering whether this will match up well with Pioneer SP-FS52 towers (6 ohm speakers; max power output of 130W). Also, if I am buying from a used electronics dealer (not a familiar audio enthusiast) without knowing history of usage of the amp and without auditioning with the Pioneer SP-FS52 (should be able to hook up with some other speakers available with the dealer and ensure the amp is working alright), what would be advisable max spend on this amp?

Any advice will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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