Planning for an HT setup need advice


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Nov 6, 2008
Navi Mumbai
Hello friends,

I am planning for 5.1 HT setup in my living room. I need your help with placement of front Speakers, Sub and AVR. I am in the process of getting the interior of my house painted. The electrical work was completed last week and painting will start in few days. So i want to finalize SUB, Speaker and AVR placement as i want to conceal all the wires before painting is done. I am planning to use a flexible pipe through which speaker cables can this the right way? or is there a better way to hide the cables?. The room size is 14"X9".
Below is the pic of my living room....i have used mspaint to indicate my desired placement of all the components expect the two rear side speakers which will be mounted on the side wall above 3 feet from the listening position. I am a noob at this so need your advice before i finalize everything.

waiting for your suggestions...

Thanks & Regards,
P.S. I know my drawing is pathetic :p


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Hello Harley,

Whats your budget?
Are you planning on getting a sub/sat system or separates?
Whats on the other side of the room?

Check these links for placement.
Dolby - Dolby Home Theater Speaker Guide - Speaker Placement and Setup Guide for Home Theater Surround Sound
Speaker Placement for Home Theater
An Essential Guide to Home Theater Speaker Placement

Its better not to put your front speakers with their sides against the walls. If there is no other way, try to get speaker mounts for side walls or any cheap LCD mounts that can carry the weight safely.

PS: Do a through search in the forum. I'm sure you will find solutions to your queries answered somewhere here.

I have used white sliding bars(Kissing channel/patti)for surr which I fixed parallel to false ceiling ,so it looks as if the part of it.
Thanks unleash_me....the links helped a lot.

"Whats your budget?"
I am not buying any component right now, just want to decide on the placement so that according i can get the wiring done. I have not yet decided on the budget but it will be within 1 lac.

"Are you planning on getting a sub/sat system or separates?"
By sub/sat system do you mean those speaker packages that come along with a sub? Most probably i'll be going for separate components

Whats on the other side of the room?
The passage leads to kitchen and bedroom.

"Its better not to put your front speakers with their sides against the walls." so you recommend placing the front speakers on the front wall....I agree with that but if i place them there the FR & FL will not be equidistant :sad: so i through of placing them on the side wall which will solve this problem but if i place them on the side wall the front speakers will be 3ft away from the screen? i think this might ruin the movie experience. Don't know what to do :confused:

@ spirovious A pic will be helpful :)

btw here is the link to the same pic with a better resolution Imageshack - htplan

Hey ,

What speakers do you plan to buy, sattelites, bookshelves or floor standers. can you use other portion of the wall, i see a door therein you current drawing. else get sattelies if you are into space issues, 1 lakh is a lot of money, but you will need some space for that.

1. All your AVR/DVD players should come below the TV, this will not only look good, but will be easily accessable.

2. Dont worry about concealing too much, a same wall colour casing panel to route wires is the best bet on a budjet.

3. Sub should go into the corner, if not in front check some corner into the rear, also depends upon the sub you buy, if powered you will require a electric socket behind too to test it there.

4. Can you alter your door to fit in the wall to the left, where you have drawn the left front speaker(if the exit leads to a common hall/area) ? in that case you will gain some space to place the front channel. Remember channel seperation of speakers will only seem good only of there is ample seperation between the front left and right speakers. and the speakers also need to be kept little away from the walls, otherwise your sound imaging will go nuts.

5. Buying costly equipment will not help unless you make space for it. try keeping you current speakers along with the 14" walls and see if you are getting a better seperation.

Thats all i can suggest for now, from your current spacing i can only suggest HTIB or maximum bookshelves on the walls.
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