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Aug 28, 2006
Hi All,

I currently own a NAD c352 amp driving a pair of B&W601 bookshelf speakers. The source for the amp is an Onkyo CD player/recorder (very useful) which is currently in last leg of its lens life. Therefore I need to upgrade.

I currently have two options - replace Onkyo lens which the company says will cost me 5k as it?s an "expensive" lens, or I buy a new CD player.
Further the repair guys tell me that this player should be used mostly for recording as the lens wears out pretty quickly! They didn't tell me this when I bought it!!

Therefore friends I am now on the hunt for a budget CD player for my setup. My budget is somewhere around 20k. Hope that's sufficient for a decent CD player.

Please help me out with your suggestions on a Cd player for my requirements.

On another note, has the industry agreed upon the next audio format (DVD-A, SACD) or is it still best bet to buy a dedicated CD player and forget about other formats?

Hi! Raj,

You can look at the real value for money Cambridge Audio 540Cv2, which comes in your budget. Do check out their website for more details and reviews.


The Cambridge Audio Azur 540C v2.0 is a great value for money CD Player. I would agree with Prithvi and suggest you audition it.

i would like to have cyrus for around 20k , shanti where is it available?

i think Raj you can audition Nad , marantz along with Cambridge audio ...they are all well below 20k and if u can extend ur budget you can also have a look at 640 from cambridge.

happy listening

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