Polkaudio Monitor 40

I had heard these some time back. The highs and mids are quite clear, although it struggles sometimes for bass. You'll need a good sub to go along if you want heavy bass. The look is very elegant with silver metallic fronts once the grill is removed. I gave it a miss only because I was looking for floorstanders. If bookshelves are what you are looking for, then the Monitor 40 will be very good, and real VFM at the price.

In the end, as always, your ears will be the best judge. Take your own CD's and DVD's which you normally listen to, for a demo and take your own time. Also the Amp and Player combination may also make a difference.

Happy Testing !!
Hey thanks!

Actually I'm looking for bookshelf only,good floorstander's are costly I guess ??

I actually love listening to Classic Rock with good heavy guitar riffs and drums,so that's why little concerned about bass.My budget is 10-12K for speakers and around 10-13K for amp ( 25K INR in total ).

Suggest me speakers + amp :)

ProFX lists the price as 14K.

At the budget that you have for the Amp,it might be tough to find a new one. Try the Marantz SR3001. Cambridge Audio also has a very good Amp, the 340 A SE for about 16K, highly recommended for Music. Again, both these amps may have completely different sounds. See what sounds good to you. I found the CA good for Rock and Metal.
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A dealer once quoted 20K for the SR3001, which seemed too high at that time to me. You can also look at a used NAD Amp. Also the SR301 is a 5.1 AVR. 7.1 is not yet a common thing. So if you get a SR301 at your budget, go for it.
But just need to understand this :

Marantz SR 301 is a 5.1 channel AVR & I never plan to use a 5.1 system,just a 2.1( though I do watch movies but mostly divx movies which do not have a 5.1 audio ),so how will SR 301 perform in stereo mode?

Can you actually use a 5.1 in pure 2.1 mode?

Thanks again!You are a real help.
For Stereo, stretch your budget a little and go for the CA 340 Amp. If you scour this forum, CA is highly recommended for Music. You wont go wrong with that one. On my end, there are other things which are taking up my budget. Once these are resolved, I will be going for CA, either 340 or some higher model.
Hey even I'm limited on budget :(

What's the price of 340A SE,any idea?

Actually reason I'm looking into Marantz SR301 are:

1.It's an AVR with good music capabilities ( I hope so because that's what I've been reading in many places )

2.Has a subwoofer out

3.Since it's an AVR,I can switch between the different video sources too instead of getting off my bed everytime I need to switch between my DVD player & tata sky.

Please comment.

In Mumbai, "The Shop" at Andheri quoted me 16K for the 340A SE. I am not aware of the price for Marantz SR301. If budget is a real constraint for you, like it's for me right now, then keep looking for a post in the "For Sale" section, or better, post one in the "Wanted" section. You never know, someone just might have what you are looking for..

And if you want to use the Amp for watching movies also, then it will make sense to go for an AVR.
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