Price discovery


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Oct 4, 2018
Cleared up a lot of stuff at home. Know the antecedents of many, sketchy on some. Let me know what should be the ideal pricing for a quick sale online, barring a straight giveaway.

  1. Samsung DVD-HD860 DVD player with HDMI Out and Upscaling; got it as a freebie with Samsung LCD TV back in 2006. Is in mint condition as never used it to play DVDs. Have the original box and everything but no bill, guess that won't matter anymore now.
  2. BSNL ADSL modems: One is UT Starcom one and other is Syrmatech one. Both have WiFi and are in working condition. Can be used as Range extenders. UT Starcom one is almost 10 years old while Syrmatech one is relatively new, 4 years old maybe. Condition wise UT Starcom one has yellowed over time with age. Syrmatech one is in better visual condition. Physically and functionally, both are good.
  3. TP-Link TD-W8968 ADSL modem; this is also almost 6 years old. Works fine, can be used as Wireless repeater and has USB Master port for attaching NAS. Has yellowed over time and usage but works fine nonetheless.
  4. Lepai 2.1 Amplifier- Got it from Aliexpress. Was delivered too late and by that time, Seller had refunded my amount and I had also received other TPA xxxx amp. Thus it was never used. Doesn't comes with PSU
  5. REES 2.1 amplifier- Bought it on 10th June 2018 from Amazon. The page also lists my review under the moniker "Nandkishore Bairagi". Used for a while( 6 months) but it flaws made me move on quickly to another unit.
  6. RF Converter; An old time RCA to RF converter, back in late 90s when it was nearly impossible to connect Playstation to an Indian TV without such a thingmajig. Not sure about it's functioning as don't have any CRT around to check it.
  7. Acer Leap Band; fitness band that my sister got me in 2017. Has no box or bill. Has a charger dongle to charge it via USB but pairing it with a phone is a pain. Barring that, works fine on it's own.
  8. AKG K240 Studio- Got it as gift in 2018 but rarely used as I don't prefer headphones. Lightly used, jsut for testing purpose of DAPs and DACs. Has original box but no bill.
  9. Philips Go Dot - Bought it from Amazon on 3rd October 2014. Used it 2017 while working out. Still works fine. Has FM too.
  10. iPod Shuffle 2GB- Was using this before Go Dot. Bought it around 2013. Doesn't starts, maybe battery's gone. Still have it's USB Type A to 3.5mm wire though.
  11. Creative ZEN - Bought it in 2008 ish as part of group buy on TechEnclave when KMD was getting stuff from Newegg. Has been repaired once, works fine and physically is also in OK condition.
  12. CD player- an old Chinese/local CD player which was capable of palying both ACDs and VCDs. Discman form factor. Haven't confirmed it's working condition yet.
  13. Subwoofer crossover boards; 1 active ( bought on 13th April 2018 and 2 passive boards( bought on 9th November 2018. Never got around to my DIY projects that would make use of them so have been lying around since then.
  14. TPA 3118 amplifier board- I think that's what it was, a [email protected] Mono board. Got it from in 2018. Lying unused. Just soldered terminals to it.
  15. TPA 3116D2 Subwoofer amplifier- Got it from Aliexpress in early 2019, used once for function check. Other than that, it's been in storage.
  16. 3.5mm OEM handsfree- This includes Samsung, Sony, Karbonn, Micromax and Nokia and couple of more. Some are in-ear, some are standard earphone type. All have 3.5mm pin and have functioning mic and earpieces.
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