Price of Wharfedale Sub 150

Rohit Verma

New Member
Jul 22, 2008
New Delhi
Hi All,

Please let me know the price of wharfedale 150 subwoofer. Any place in Delhi NCR where I can get the best price. If not, how much should I need to pay.

Hi Rohit,

You can contact Denny from Bass n Treble for the sub. He is the authorised dealer for WF and is based out of Dwarka. You can contact him at :9999016124

In Delhi as people told, you can get it at Bass n Treble. Denny is the contact person. Very nice guy. I bought my Whrfedale 5.1 two days back from him. SW-150 will cost around 21K. But you will get a 5% doscount on it.
Hi rav3011..
You mentioned that u got wharf 5.1 recently..
Can u elaborate on the components and the price?

Here you go -

9.1 bookshelf - 13000
9.5 floor - 30000
9.cs - 11000
sw150 - 21000
(5% discount on total bill)
1 Year warranty.

You may get lower price somewhere else but I will suggest if you are buying Wharfis get it from authorized dealer. Danny from Bass n Treble is authorized dealer for Wharfies in dwarka delhi.
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