PROFX H516S - Can someone help me find a pair


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Mar 14, 2008
Can someone Tell me Why my subwoofer, does't paly when in Stereo Mode

PROFX H516S - Can someone help me find a pair

- Am looking for a pair of this model
-:mad: PROFX H516S - Can someone help me find a pair
- Mailme @ [email protected]
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No offense meant but you can find much better speakers at that price point.
The profx speakers are voiced for pop / indi-pop etc...
Muddy and exagerated bass, reccessed midrange , clear but bright highs is what I heard from them on some denon integrated amp at their showroom.
- Thank you for your reply

-- I agree your comments are a 50% true
-- Now that i have the set of 516 series Front/center/sub
Receiver :AVR Denon 2307
-- I have heard the new onces, Polk etc..
-- Nothing comes close, to the experience of 516 series
-- Yes i agree.. KEF in the latest series is good close/or better compared to 516
-- Now that i need to complete my Home theater setup.. for movie experience ....

--- My options are KEF iQ8ds series
--- Its is expensive... costing about 39,999 here in bangalore profx
--- looking around to get something close and much cheaper...
--- Again.. let Knw me of any good dipolar surrounds

thanks All

Any specific reason why you are comparing speakers from just one dealer?

Also that they could easily manipulate things to make their brand sound better if they want to sell it.

- Like said
-- I have heard the profx 516series
-- and compared with the others, 516 is more raw and powefull
-- which i don't get in any of the new ones.. so i bough the 516 series
-- the newer onces are for more soft listening
-- any ways.. now i need to pick a good pair of sorrunds
-- i taught, the Q2ds KEF. With the extra woofer ( 3 way )
-- should be good enough.. to complete my Home theater kit
- current config
- Receiver - Denon 2307
- PROFX - 516 Towers ;)
- PROFX - 516c ( center );)
- PROFX - HS2 (Subwoofer ) ;)
- No sorrund yet :confused:
Finally i have it complete

- current config
- Receiver - Denon 2307
- PROFX - 516 Towers
- PROFX - 516c ( center )
- PROFX - HS2 (Subwoofer )
- Polkaudio - F|XiA6 ( Surround )

But i have an issue, can any one tell why ?
- When i play in pure Direct Mode/Stereo
- My sub does not play, only the Front takes over
- Also when i switch to Prologic Music my sub plays
- am i doing something worng here ..
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Hi Shyam,

Even in my Yamaha receiver the Pure Direct is pure stereo. No Sub output. The manual also mentions that. So there may not be anything wrong with the setup. Please refer your receiver manual to confirm this. This mode generally skips the audio & video circuitry to provide the intention of the creator of the music. My Yamaha has another mode called 'Straight' which still skips the video circuitry and provides the 2.1 output.

-- I have checked the options
-- I have the option to enable it for subwoofer
-- but makes no diffrence...
-- only the front speakers drive the whole sound

Can someone Help, who has Denon 2307 ????
I found the Solution to my self
- In speaker configuration
- set the Front speakers to small
- set the subwoofer to LFE

- what happens is, the LFE is sent to the subwoofer
- Rather then the front.

Hope this helps

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