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ProLogic IIz (9.1 surround)

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New Member
Sep 19, 2009
One of the latest buzz word in Surround Sound is ProLogic IIz.
It is responsible for surround effect covering vertical dimension like heavy thunder, rain, helicopter, flight sound etc.
ProLogic IIz setup can be done in two ways,
Method 1) By placing two L & R speakers vertically above the front speakers without disturbing the 7.1 setup. So a total of 9 + 1 speakers are engaged.
Method 2) Also by moving two Rear L & R speakers above the front speakers thereby engaging only 7 + 1 speakers. This means there will be no speakers in the rear area. This is done when there is no sufficient space behind the seating space and the rear speakers or when you have budget to invest only in 7 + 1 speakers presently.
Seems Onkyo 6200 can decode ProLogic IIz.
I understand ther are no sufficient movies to support 7.1 itself, but still just wanted to know whether,
ProLogic IIz refers to 9.1 surround or not?.