PSB Alpha B1 + NAD c315bee


New Member
Feb 5, 2008
Hello to everyone,
Few days ago i bought brand new PSB Alpha B1 speakers and also new integrated amplifire NAD c315bee. For now, i'm using my Pioneer dvd player with this system and for the begining (and for me as a begginer) it sounds quite good.
Although i didn't found many relevant reviews with simillar combinations, i still decide to buy it. Of course, i found many reviews of unique components, but never as a combination.
So, i'll try to share my experience whit this forum from time to time about it. Looking forward to any similar experience and simillar components combination.
tomislav, croatia
Congratulations my friend!

They are indeed special speakers. Heard it numerous times and loved it. Not familiar with NAD though, but I heard PSB compliments NAD very well. May be you can add a suitable sub in the future. Hope you will have hours of pure sonic bliss ahead.

Best regards.
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