PSB NAD Dealers Blr

Nopes they deal with Mordaunt Short cambridge Audio and Boston Acoustics. Think the only way to find out is by calling Lakozhy Mumbai they are the distributors of these brands in India
Just now I called them (022-23697002). They say they have just started in BLR, but still the building construction is going on. So no sales directly in BLR. They say they will ship it from mumbai.

325 - 24K
326 - 28K

Also he said the shipping charges will be less than 1K...

Thank you Ashish you are right ARN has NAD just now checked their website.
Will check with Lakozhy about the pricing for PSB dont think anybody is dealing with that in Blr.
Thanks Sridhar met Ali last week when I was there, will be going there again this weekend will check with him regarding that. Currently looking for a stereo setup for my frnd last week checked the Usher S520 but with Usher CD-1 & Leben CS-600 :D since the audition room was under construction it wasnt easy setting up other hardware.Ali was very helpful. Will be there again for a more realistic audition :).
You are welcome to come by. I should be in the showroom on Sunday. I believe the construction work will go on for at least 2-3 weeks more. Setting up outside should still not be too difficult. It was Usher CD-7 that you must have heard and yes the CS-600. We got a pair of Glossy Red S520 :D

Oh ok it must be cd-7 then; will try to drop in this sunday will listen to some speakers as well as get your valuable inputs coz we are no audiophiles :D

Will listen to your take on what we should be getting. Got too many brands and too many combinations in my mind need to audition it one by one :D.

Thanks a lot sridhar
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