Pure Acoustics AV 799.


New Member
May 17, 2008
Hi. Just 2 days back I had a chance to listen to the AV799. I just happened to go through a review in one of the top AV magazines and was very much interested in purchasing the same. There was a package offer that was well below $1000.00 along with an Onkyo AV Receiver. However, the speakers proved to be disappointing. The only thing that came out of the speakers connected in 2 channel mode was the annoying high frequency. It sounds a bit better with the sub along with the 2 channels; however, the highs were too prominent to divert your attention from the whole experience. I would suggest 2 sub woofers for the configuration to give you a better feel of it. If you are looking for Pure Sound, then this is not the speakers for you. However, it fills your room with a good piece of furniture, at a very low price with a very very normal sound that would definitely get you a headache after 30 minutes of listening to it.
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