pv8 vs.LGPQ60


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May 12, 2009

Sorry to bother again but tommorrow iam going to buy a plasma.
Confused between the LG AND PV8.

The LG is the latest and had reasonable reviews and better features.
The PV8 has a strong reputation and is proven.
Prices are almost the same. In fact the LG is cheaper.
Can I have a balanced opinion pl.
I don't think you can even compare the two. pv8 is last year's model. Why even consider going for it when a (hopefully) improved plasma from Panasonic will be out anytime now?

Plus if you are even slightly budget-conscious you also have to factor in the fact that the pv8 consumes almost twice as much electricity as this year's plasmas from LG, samsung and pana itself. I think someone has mentioned on this forum that their electricity bill has gone up by a third after purchasing a 2008 plasma. So even if you do think you'll save money by choosing an outgoing model over a forthcoming one those savings will soon be eaten up by your electricity bill!

So if you are weighing options along with the LG PQ60, the Samsung B450 (which is already out acc to the Samsung website) and the forthcoming x10 are the ones you should be looking at.

Then, of course, it's best to check out the options by yourself and make a informed choice.
Hi czarofchennai,

Where can I see a demo of LGPQ60 in Chennai?
What is the best price you have got for the LGPQ60?
I purchased a panny pv80 one week ago.The picture and audio quality is really amazing with Tata Sky and DVD Player.PV8 has same PQ but lacks sd card slot.LG shows its specifications high in both lcds and plasmas.But PQ is not comparable to Panasonic.Also panasonic is a reputed brand in plasma.The new 2009 plasmas from Panna will have same PQ and consume less electricity.But they are going to cost Rs.10,000 and more than pv8 and pv80.I suggest you to go for pv8 with no doubt.
Hi Babu G,

Please advise me as to where you got the 42PQ60 for 42.5k. The LG dealer in Malleswaram quoted 47k! Did you get it for 42.5k in exchange for your existing tv? Will really appreciate the help! Thanks.

The new 2009 plasmas from Panna will have same PQ and consume less electricity.But they are going to cost Rs.10,000 and more than pv8 and pv80.I suggest you to go for pv8 with no doubt.

do you know when the elusive 2009 series from panasonic is goign to be launched in india? i thouht i'll check with you as you mentioned the price difference (xx,xxx + 10k)
well i was open to both the models when i dropped in to buy the plasma (in fact that was before i joined hifivision even).

anyway coming to it i compared both the models side by side on matrix and spiderman dvds on philips 5996 dvd upscaler. My observations were:

Looks: PQ60 looked lightyears ahead of the panny plasma PV8
PQ: Here the panny scored a lot of brownie points - better blacks, natural images (compared to a sony v series full HD LDC panel), better saturation levels wrt to red and green (PQ60 has redder reds that was not natural).
SQ: LG edged out the panny
Utility & Addons: LQ outscored with the USB slot that played Divx files but I would rather use a HTPC or a NMT or even my old ps2 (plays all DVD rips but not 720/1080 BR rips).
Overall: Though a close finish I felt the PQ was of primary importance hence went with the panny - since i later went ahead and setup a HT system back home. On sheer PQ at that value the panny at 43.5 was hard to beat.

But for someone who wants decent PQ with the addon of playing divx and mp3s off usb drives the LG is a decent choice.

My votes to the panny pv8 though.
Lesser power consumption means lesser power bills month after month and could also be a significant factor, unless the TV goes kaput just after the one year warranty :rolleyes:
Anyone suggest waiting until 2009 panny models are out to add this advantage as well?
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