Quoted Rs 550 Per Sft! Need help doing it myself..


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Jul 27, 2009
Hi All,
I have been quoted the following

Rs. 495 per sq.ft, - materials used, Glass wool, Polyester ( Imported) & Fabrics, Filled with imported Sound absorbs material as glass wool, over the glass wool; a polyester material with fabric finish will be fixed to suit the interior design.

Rs. 60 per Sq. Ft for installation...

This sounds super expensive and am considering doing it myself.

Thanks in advance for any advice on sourcing the material to do this myself or finding any reasonable installer/contractor.
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Its a high quote, well worth cosnidering doing it yourself. Some of these guys think they can get away with daylight robbery! To do an accurate costing, you need to figure out actual costs.

Let me cite a recent example. I had to fix four large mirrors in my new house. The contractor submitted a quote through the architect for 23K, but when I checked with the mirror shop, the cost of mirrors was only 4800. I asked the mirror shop guy to send someone across to fix the mirrors and the total cost I incurred was only 6800. So you need to do some research first, to avoid being robbed in broad daylight.

Having said that, there are plenty of guys who will spend cash without bothering to check-they spoil things for the average Joe!

I had done some Sound absorbing Panels (2' X 3.3' / 4" Deep Boxes Stuffed with glass wool ). Almost the same as what the Guy has given you a quote for.
Materials used -
1) Glass wool (got it free when one of my friends office is shifted and they removed the heat insulation (Glass wool) and I got some of it for my use:eek:hyeah: and Still got left with So much Planning to do more boxes in this or next weekend)
2) Lining Cloth (thin cotton cloth - Rs.25 /mts Max)
3) Medium to thick Curtain Cloth Matching your Decors (Rs 125 / Mts Max)
4) 1" Thermocoal Boards - Depending on the Boxes you need.
5) Wall mounting Options (Permanant / Temporary ) - I stay in a rented Place so I just Kept them On the floor (Leaning on the walls)

I will post the detailed procedure and Photos in my next post - Mostly in the evening or This weekend (Now in office and I cant spend time on HFV). Please dont mind.

George's experience speaks here. Rs.550 per sq feet is very very high. I am doing the Sound Treatment myself on my Home Theatre Room. It is currently Work In Progress. Have a read of my below-mentioned thread, should give you an idea of whats involved. Post #35 has some pricing info too which will give you an idea of what the Rs.550 per square feet is made up off:D. DIY rocks!!!

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