Re: 5.1 speakers for onkyo txsr504


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Dec 14, 2006
Re: 5.1 speakers for onkyo txsr504


hi this is babu from chennai. i have a onkyo txsr504 amp

i am not able to finalise my speakers, u guys give me some suggestions.

my budget is around 30k for speakers without sub

how abt jamo e7series how much does it cost.

how is jamo s406

how abt sonodyne speakers , r they good enough.

i like to watch movies most of the time but like to listen to music as well.

i need a good decent sounding speakers please u guys help me out.

which is the best sub u guys suggest for budget around 20k.

are floor standers r better or should i go for book shelf speakers

waiting for u guys please help me out
30k budget for 5 speakers

Option 1 ? Mordaunt Short Avant 902i?s for the front and surrounds (10k a pair x 2 = 20k) + Mordaunt Short Avant 905i for the center channel (not sure about the price but it should be within your remaining 10k budget)

Option 2 ? Wharfedale 9.1?s up front (12.5k a pair), Wharfedale 9.0?s for the surrounds ( about 8k a pair), and the Wharfedale 9CS for the center (10k)

The Jamo E7?s will I think be over your budget. Double check with a dealer to be sure. I?ve heard Jamo?s S406 and S408 5 speaker package ? the Mordaunt-Shorts and the Wharfedale packages above are much better.

Sub for 20k ? your best bet would be Wharfedale?s SW150 (17k) or Polk?s PSW10 or PSW12 sub.

Go for bookshelves. At entry level bookshelves are better than floorstanders. You?ll also have a sub to provide low frequency duty in an HT set up so no real need for floorstanders?unless your room size requires a pair.

Please do a search in the Speakers, Amplifiers, Surround Amps/Receivers, and Home Theater in a Box sections of the board. You?ll find a number of threads that will help you answer your queries.
sir thx for ur advice

ill do as u suggested me

sir tell me if onkyo txsr504 is good enough or should i go for any other brand, mostly for watching movies, ur advice on this please

thx once again for ur advise
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Onkyo's a good reliable brand. Better suited for HT than stereo listening in my view. If I remember correctly its bass management feature even allows you to set different cross-over points for each of the speaker channels - a feature that comes in handy in HT set ups.
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