[Recommendation / Help] KEF LS50 Meta + AMP or Elac ARB51 Navis Powered Bookshelf Speakers + DAC for a PC Setup.


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Jul 17, 2019
Mumbai, India

I need recommendations for my PC setup which is used mainly for Gaming and Music (occasionally movies).

My current sound setup consists of KRK Rokit 8 Gen 3 (Pair) + Focusrite 2i4 DAC / Motu M2 DAC. I want to upgrade this configuration to something better and sell some of these items. I also use the Sony HT-ST 5000 Soundbar for my TV + PS5.

I am currently fixated on the KEF LS50 Meta’s (White or Black) hooked up to an AMP that will be connected to my PC. While doing research I came across the Elac ARB51 Navis Powered Bookshelf Speakers, they seem convenient as they’re self powered and have XLR + RCA input options. I want to know if anyone has experienced these speakers in comparison to the KEF LS50 Meta’s.
Overall I’ve been finding online that the LS50 Meta’s trump everything in this price point. LS50 Meta’s are going for 1.50L and the lowest cost for Elac‘s are 2.07L. Both of these speakers look aesthetically good too!
I have considered the KEF LS50 Wireless II but the lack of a USB input put me off and I don’t want to use Coaxial / Optical or WiFi. I also have a lot of WiFi devices at home and from what I’ve read online there are connection drops etc, basically having WiFi inbuilt is useless since it’s going to be hardwire connected to my PC. Also I have bad luck occasionally with electronics and these come with a measly 1 year warranty in India.

I have uploaded some pictures to help you understand what my setup looks like below.

Here’s a couple of points that I require -
  • DAC / AMP must have an USB input connection for my PC’s sound.
  • DAC / AMP must be in a small sized in configuration due to space issues. Max size can be W 9“ + D 7” + H 4” to be precise.
  • DAC / AMP with a heat venting grill on the sides would be nice, but if there are lack of options then a top venting grill will do. As I plan to have the system placed in a very tight area (Check picture below).
  • DAC / AMP must have a volume control and/or remote control.
  • DAC / AMP that aesthetically looks good can be a plus point, can settle for a simple plain system.
  • I will mainly be using Spotify / Youtube and FLAC files for music.
  • I usually play my music at a loud volume over the weekends for house parties. So the sound should be room filling, lively, clear and have a solid punch.
  • The speaker’s should aesthetically look good. I don’t like grill covered speakers, they look very dead, flat and basic.
  • No need for streamer features, just a basic DAC / AMP with 2.1 support.
  • In the future I plan to add a suitable subwoofer for a 2.1 setup overall.
  • I currently do not have shelf space for AV Receivers.
  • Budget is 2-2.5L. Can push it but if I find something that fits all my needs under budget, I’d happily go for it.
  • Music I listen to - Electronic / House / Pop / Rock, you know the usual party types.
  • Overall sound setup must be future proof for atleast 5-10 years or so.
  • I‘m located in Mumbai, if there’s a place where I can listen to any recommendations please let me know.
  • If it’s possible to have a company bring over the KEF LS50 Meta’s and a recommended AMP for home testing.
  • I’m open for other speaker recommendations as long as they are value for money and have the best in class sound overall.
  • Looking to buy these products by June/July, 2022.
Quick question, since these LS50 Meta’s are passive will it be any issue for a PC? Like do I turn them off or the amp off before powering up my PC or will the AMP protect the speakers from powering up situations. Because in my current setup, my focusrite is connected to my PC via USB, both the KRK’s are powered, when I turn on my PC I get these loud speaker pops upon boot. I get lazy sometimes to power off the speakers individually before I turn on my PC. The speakers have a sleep function hence I sometimes leave it on 24x7. It turns on when a sound signal is passed through. However with my new DAC the Motu M2 this problem does not exist, maybe because it has newer technology.

If there is anything else you would like to know please ask. I will also think of any missing points and add it.

Thank you for your valuable time and input!



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