Repairs for Yamaha and Arcam Amplifiers in Pune


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Feb 11, 2010
Hello everybody,
Am new here.
Does anyone know of someone who carries out repairs for Yamaha and Arcam in Pune. Have some problems with my Yamaha AV receiver RX-V650 and an Arcam AV receiver AVR 300. The problem with the Yamaha started suddenly about 3 months back. It does not work on the mains supply(240 volts) that i get from my electric company (MSEDCL). However, this machine works absolutely fine through the online UPS i have for the whole house. All other gadgets seem to work fine on the mains. I took the amp. to my neighbours'. The same thing. It works fine through their invertor, but dead when i switch on the mains of the house. Only you hear a click, but no display or function. The Arcam has just developed a problem. The power trips as soon as you switch it on. It initializes at switch on and then trips. Sometimes may play for a few minutes, but will trip. Have checked all power and speaker connections. It was working fine till a few days. Now, i thought i better get both the machines fixed. Anybody know of someone in Pune who could help. I had two techies come and inspect both machines. But, neither of them was able to fix any of the two machines. Anybody have any idea of what the problem could be? I am an electrical engineer. Though i may not be able to fix, but could atleast understand. Any help would be appreciated.
Hello everybody,
O.K. I have got both, the Yamaha and the Arcam fixed. The Yamaha was repaired here only. But, the Arcam had to be taken to the workshop. Anyway, it is all installed and is working fine. The gentleman who carried out the repairs is one Mr.Sharat Advani. His contact number is 9890515000. He carries out repair for most of these Hi-end audio, video equipment. I got his number from DVD express. Thanks.
There is authorised service center for Yamaha amplifiers near to KEM Hospital, Pune.
Its by name National Electronics and phone numbers are 020 260 51300 and 020 260 51200. You might need to confirm these numbers. As I contacted them 7 months back via phone.
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