Rethm Saadhana's new review on 6 moons.

6moons states the retail as $14750...that's like 8 big ones in Indian Rupees :eek:

Prithvi, saw a link to your site from the 6moons review...we have the Rethm HT setup out in public??? That's gotta be interesting... :licklips:
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Or you can talk to Jacob George from Rethm directly. Here is the contact info from their web site. I talked to him over email and he is a perfect gentleman to deal with. I will be visiting him in Kochi soon.

Jacob George,
Design Build Pvt.Ltd,
Arkadia, Kusumagiri P.O, Kakkanad.
Cochin-682030, Kerala, India.

Tel: +91-484-2421731, 32, 33
Fax: +91-484-2421734
email: [email protected]
I too am looking forward to having a listen to the rethms before deciding on a speaker pair for my setup
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