reviews on quad 22l


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Dec 4, 2006
have heard the quads 22l was really impressed with them can anybody suggest any other speakers in the same price range .also a good stereo amp to power the quad 22ls.
I have heard the Quad 21L (previous model to the 22L) and I must say that they are one of the most neutral sounding speakers I have heard. I assume that the QUAD 22L would be even better than the older 21L.

The QUAD's are quite room sensitive and needs careful positioning to give of its best

However I found that QUAD speakers give their best when paired with high quality electronics. I would suggest you to pair them with the QUAD 99/909 pre power combo (around Rs. 1 lakh) or if you are looking for an integrated amp. I would suggest to hear them with the NEW Cyrus 8 vs2 - Integrated Amplifier (60-70K), which is now available in India.

The other speakers you can hear for comparism would be the B&W CM7, Monitor Audio RS6, Dali Ikon 6, Dynaudio Audience 72

Don't be in a hurry to buy your hi-fi. Instead take your time with the audition and only buy what sounds good to your ears and not what may sound good to someone else. After all it is you who will have to live with the system.
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