SACD Source?

Useful resource for an exhaustive list of everything released on SACD: - Titles

Some of the big-selling artists have had their back-catalogue released on SACD. The Stones, Dylan come to mind. SACD/ redbook dual layer has superseded redbook only for these artists.

There's a fair sprinkling of Jazz and Classical titles.

In their stocking decisions, retailers I don't think go by the format too much; instead tend to favour artists/ content that 'sells'.

Rhythm House etc. may be able to order titles for you on request. Still, best bet is to look abroad for the more esoteric titles.
Thanks for your suggestions. Rhythmhouse has sent me an excel file of SACD's they have. Not too many.
OCeanic Sound and Vision carries good number of SACD. Just call Vikram @ Oceanic : 020 2634 2658, tell him about your music interest, he will provide you a list. They do mail orders.
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