sale of used hifi gear


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Jan 30, 2008
i am currently using Living Voice IBR-X2 speakers from UK @4400 BP,Kondo copper speaker cables @800BP and Resolution Audio opus 21 CD player for US $3300 Analysis silver oval in interconnects @US $750,now this sytem built slowly in the last 2 years,now i wish to move to something exotic like dipole or single driver speakers and SET tube amps,does forum members suggest the ways to sell this gear all this in new condition.speakers are just brand new,landed in the last quarter of 2006,,some months later Kondo speaker cables from UK and further down the line analysis plus silver oval in followed with Resolution Audio CD player,kondo cables,analysis interconnects and Resolution Audio CD player are all reviewd on Voice speakers with Resolution Audio CD player are currently being used as reference systems by the reviewers on Hifi choice .UK,any forum member having access to Hifi choice magazine must have had read the mention of this system in reviews.
All the original packing and manual are available,All these are current models,cables are timeless ,if i sell this i will buy again Kondo only but silver the realistic soundstage i am getting with the system is incredible
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The general custom in this forum is that the seller posts snapshots of the equipment, some details on their condition, their age, and expected price. In addition, some details of the equipment with links to reviews or to manufacturer sites.

Based on these information, you will get enquiries and offers from members.

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