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Sansui AU D707 ( AU819 ) on it's way


Oct 23, 2015
Yes the glue helps in damping and securing them caps. As this amp is fully direct coupled n has a ultra wide frequency response, it is important to damp all undesired vibrations. So the gluing big caps is engineering choice.

Shipping was 19000 JPY with enforced double box packaging. After fully packed it weighted a hefty 26.5 kgs.
I it also good to remove the glue if possible the ones sansui uses are corrosive over period of age.
You can remove it easily but de-solder components before removing it, the glue eats resistor legs easily , and i had to replace few resistors as well.



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Aug 10, 2011
Like mpasanthosh says, the glue can get corrosive over time. Thats the opinion from the members over at audiokarma. You should read up, there's a lot of information there. Once you get this going, its a pleasure to listen to.


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Jul 12, 2010
Indore, India
So got the stepdown locally made and plugged in the amp.

I mated the amplifer to my 30 years old Enbee 6 way speakers ( yes it has 7 drivers in each speaker ). It's rated at 8 ohms and 120 watts.

So coming to the amp, well it does live up to all the aura, hype, awe, fame & cult value associated with it. Let me talk about the amp first then will come to the listening experience. It's a late 70s design and simply over engineered. Everything in it from components to design to execution screams quality and attention to detail and that pampers my pinpoint size ego and gives me a smug face with a hint of lopsided smile.

The amp has output transistors exclusively made for Sansui by Sanken which have insane specifications ( And are absolutely unobtainium).
Their ft is a whopping 20Mhz. Slew rate figures are 200v/microsec and rise time is 0.5 microseconds. This thing is fast, very fast.

The amp is direct coupled so it can literally amplify anything from 0 to 50000 Hz. Don't just raise your eyebrows yet ( not even single eyebrow if you are skeptical :rolleyes: ), I understand it's beyond our listening range but it means nothing is filtered. The 300 VA transformer used in the amp is almost double sized then a normal 300VA tranny. The amp itself weights about 21 kgs. It doesn't have many exotic features but has essentially everything a audiophile may require ( not dream).

Even the flat amp and phono amps have DC topology so no compromise anywhere. It has a unique JUMP toggle which bypasses the flat amp and feeds the signal directly to power amp. You loose some gain but you gain shortest signal path. Now you may understand Sansui actually meant business.

Coming to the listening experience.

My speakers are past their prime so some headroom was accounted for in case no magic happens.

But magic did happen. Well as all the veterans advice that one must audition a system with songs which you've heard a million times so you'd able to understand and compare things easily. I have a huge pile of MP3 on my system from college days, couldn't delete as sourcing them then was a task. They are stored in proper chronological order and it felt bad to let them go so kept them. Among them are some tracks which aren't easily found today. So on a whim I picked up some mid 90's tracks on MP3 and offered them to the amp by foobar.

Any equipement worth it's salt will reproduce a well recorded source very accurately or almost attempt it. The fun part is, not everything that you like, is well recorded. So you will hear bad reproduction of a bad recording, period.

Now this amp here is able to make that agony passable.

This beast has squeezed out details from 20 years old mp3s, they are sounding so good and listenable that I acutualy can't believe my own ears.

That's my one line assessment of it gentlemen. Rest all things like accuracy, imaging, sound stage and all, are already all over internet about this finely engineered piece of audio equipment. (Although I'd again come up with more findings in coming days ;) )

"The audio gods must have been smiling down the engineers when they designed these things."

PS. : So far I've just been listening to all those 128 kbps MP3 ( Don't cringe o_O ) and bloody gloating like Prez Trump having it in white house.