Satelite Speakers for Denon AVR1707


Could you be more specific please ! first can you please clarify whether the said budget is for the whole kit including the AVR and speakers or just the speakers ??
Coz if you already have the said AVR and want to spend 50-70K on the speaker means I'd say its an overkill for the AVR as this Receiver stands in very low ladder on the Denon line-up !!

Also the reason for opting for satellites over towers (coz in the budget allocated you can easily go for tower based set-up) ??

Finally the primary Usage, Music or Movies or both (50-50),not to mention the types of music you prefer !

Please do provide Us with the much needed and missing info for Us to bring clarity on the issue and recommend a proper product !


KEF is certainly an excellent package. But you have few other options:

(1) Mordaunt Short Alumni (or older Genie) (approx. 45K)
(2) Mirage Nanosat (approx 52K)
(3) Quad L-ite (approx 75K)
(4) B&W MT10/20 (approx 80K/95K)
(5) KEF 2005/3005/3005SE (approx 70K/95K/??)
(6) Acoustic Energy AegoT (approx 95K)

Note that the Quads and AE are slightly larger than the rest.

I have listened to MS Alumni, Nanosats, B&Ws, Quads and KEFs out of these. All are competent at their price ranges. I personally liked the Quad's the best. I eventually went with Quad bookshelves.

Best, I can suggest is shortlist, listen (if possible with your receiver) and decide for yourself. Happy hunting!

Prasad Redkar.
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