Sean Connery no more

May his soul rip. He was one of the most suave & versatile actors who had played James bond. He had his own style.
Ah ... So sorry to hear this news. Da Bond is no more.
Thank you Sir Sean for making us boys (and grown men) dream away.
RIP sir,

To best of my knowledge, he had done most number of James Bond movies.

I saw his Oscar Winning movie Untouchable last week.
Amazing Acting and Great movie.
The man who made Bond what he is as I am sure without him it may not even have been a franchise...
Sad that the first and probably the best Bond Sean Connery is no more .He enthralled the film viewers by his Stylish and suave portrayal of British secret agent " James bond. OO7. The famous phrases " my name is bond. James bond. Martini on the rocks. "Shaken and not stirred" sounded magnetic and powerful when Sean Connery mouthed it. He also made a impact in other movies after he quit playing bond. Rock , untouchables, The hunt for red October , Indiana Jones and last crusade where he paired with Harrison ford, Murder in the orient express, Entrapment are some of his famous non bond movies. He was a Scottish man born in Ireland.Though initially He was not highly regarded by James bond author Ian Fleming, later on Fleming changed his opinion and acknowledged Connery"s screen persona.
Sean Connery was my Dad's favorite Bond and i remember we going out to the city side along with my elder brother to watch his Bond movies in the late 70s and early 80s. RIP.
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