Second Television - What to Buy?


Dec 20, 2011

Due to semi-official/personal reasons, I'm now forced to have a rented set up for myself & family in my native place (Kerala). We could arrange a fully furnished house on rent and thus got rid of the immediate requirement of moving any of our stuffs from our Bangalore home, except the essential ones (clothes, books etc.).

I currently own a 10 year old 50'' Panasonic Plasma as part of my HT setup in Bangalore. I absolutely love my TV. I don't want to transport this TV & associated HT set up to a rented house since plasma spare parts are not that easily available in case of some damage during transit. So, I'm thinking of buying a new television for my rented place.

My requirements are:

Size: 42-50'' (got used to 50'' very much)
Smartness: Ideal if it can play Netflix, Prime and Youtube at HD, preferably out of the box. My plasma @ Bangalore home is not that smart and I use amazon fire stick and Apple TV to get the job done. If this support is not available, I can as well take my fire stick to get the job done.
Price: Medium. Don't want to spend for really high end ones as I'm not sure if I'll be keeping it for very long time (unless my current plasma retires in the meantime).
Usage pattern: Moderate (1-2 movies per week). Mostly my wife streams Netflix and Prime movies. Other than that we hardly watch TV.
Need for HT setup: I'm not planning to buy a full fledged HT set up now. If need arises, I can as well shift my Bangalore set up (Onkyo amplifier + Elac speakers) there. But, if the TV's sound output is really bad, I don't mind spending little bit of money for an HT setup as it can double up for my music listening as well. I am not planning to take my (recently bought) Achals + Yamaha amplifier there at least till I'm very sure where I'm going to spend more time.

Planning to buy these during the Ugadi/Vishu sale in Kerala. So, any suggestion regarding possible models will be highly appreciated.

With best regards,
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