sennheiser-cx300-fake vs genuine


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Mar 3, 2008
As we all know the headphone /earphone market is huge and 'practically ' flooded with sellers selling fake
and fakes approaching a fast towards sound quality..but fake is a fake in the long run it shows its true color ...

i specially warn the newly acquired 'audiophile' labeled people ,who are ready to pay high amount in the name of a 'reputed' make device related to audio.... with this :

check how to distinguish between sennheiser-cx300 (one very popular IEM )
and its fake :

Fake vs genuine CX 300
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the creative EP 630 is claimed to be the same as the Senn CX 300, and a cursory comparison of my 630's with a colleague's 300's did not reveal any obvious differences, and is available for a fraction of the cost.

Of course, there are fake EP 630's too, but you the real deal is available, box packed at a lot more places :)
i would say if possible avoid very popular headphone models,like EP 630s ,CX 300 from doubtful sellers new ebay sellers ,small shops, computer peripheral shops with small set of ear buds... because these ones are duplicated more.

Find something that is as good as these or better (new models /may be lesser known brands sometimes ..decide from the serious listeners recommendations in audio forums) and within budget ...

Just by sound quality one cannot predict unless he already used the genuine ear buds of same model for a long b careful ...

also,fake goods makers are very good at outer finish....
Eg. Fake Hologram on nokia batteries is very hard to spot

greenhorn, i have also seen fake EP 630 in a pile of headphones....starting 200 Rs .. hehe :D
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